Peter Gaskin is a professional editor, writer, and photographer. He loves adventure—both the real kind and the fictional kind. He has traveled the world, teaching English prose to TEFL/TESOL students, business professionals, and governmental officials in several countries. As a teenager he spent most of his summers as an exchange student, to Germany, Denmark, Brazil, and Thailand. He has since gotten lost in the ancient city of Petra, free-dived to 55 feet in the Red Sea, dug for gold in the dense jungles of Colombia, and drunk with a witch doctor in Ecuador. He has visited Agatha Christie’s tomb in Westminster Abbey, dipped his toes in the frigid waters of the North Sea, and graced the hallowed grounds of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. When he has had too much beer, he is known to proudly name all of Germany’s sixteen constituent states. Don’t ask why. There’s no explanation.

But no experience compares to reading a flimsy old paperback. The food it provides fills an insatiable stomach. It’s much like the soupy hallucinogen in the witch doctor’s potion: much cheaper than drugs, twice as potent, and has absolutely no hangover.

Peter got into the editing biz because he likes sharing the excitement of an idea with its author. He has over ten years of writing and editing experience, and has read several libraries’ worth of novels, text books, student papers, and journals.

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