Interested in ordering an edit? I’d be happy to help! My rates are as follows, although for larger works I am open to negotiating:

Editing Services

Simple Proofread       $.01/word 

If you just need an extra eye to review your writing, a simple proofread should suffice. I will check for grammatical errors, typos, and spacing issues in your text.

Level 1 Edit       $.015/word 

Overall, you love your work. But you know deep down there are a few areas that could use improvement. In addition to a simple proofread, I will make minor copy edits where necessary to improve the clarity and consistency of your writing.

Level 2 Edit       $.02/word 

Your work is golden, your ideas are spellbinding. But you know your writing style and tone could use some upgrades. In addition to providing a proofread, I will perform deeper copy edits, potentially revising whole sentences or paragraphs to ensure your tone and style are consistent and clear throughout the work. I will also provide suggestions for improvement in terms of content– scenes, characters, overall structure.

Executive Edit       $.03 cents/word 

In addition to a Level 2 edit, I will provide developmental editing–you and I will work together to further establish characters, structure, and setting to ensure a cohesive, engaging novel that will sell well. Specifically, I will potentially make revisions that constitute up to 20% of the text, while providing helpful tips to become an excellent author for future works. I will also provide an in-depth critique of your work and write up a review on the website of your choice.

Post-Editing Services

In addition to editing your novel, I also provide several post-edit services:

ePub/CreateSpace formatting       $50

If you are having issues uploading your file to an ePub site (Kindle, Smashwords, etc.), I can help. I will make sure your book is formatted correctly and looks professional for potential buyers.

Press Release Write-up       $30

Book Jacket Summary Write-Up       $30

Literary Query Letter Write-up       $30