Thank you for sending the proofed draft. I have to say I am very pleased with the work. I am only 80 pages in to reviewing it, but your suggestions for corrections are excellent. It’s kind of like getting a proofed document and an educational lesson all in one. You work helps me focus on the story and creative aspects of the novel, since I know you will pick up the spelling and grammar mistakes and offer excellent suggestions for rewording. Thanks again for a great job. Harry

Harry, United States
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I had my work edited twice before I came to [editing agency name]. Then I counted 450 when I stopped because there were so many more mistakes of corrections coming up. WOW to my friend Peter. And thank you Peter for giving me an OK and your good words towards my book. I feel very much like I finally made it with my book. I feel I can take it to the world and it would be accepted and well written. Thanks [Editing Agency] for your services and it was done extremely fast. [Editing Agency], I have two more books to send to you. Soon as I sell my first, I’ll be back for the other two.

Tom, United States of America
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Document type: Fiction / Non fiction – first time author
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Greetings, I just wanted to send a very big thank you to my editor Peter who edited my project. My dissertation is now something I can be very proud of, thanks to all of Peter’s hard work and wonderful suggestions. I am very grateful and would suggest this service to anyone needing assistance with their writing. Thanks again Peter! All the best,

Leslie, United States of America
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Document type: Thesis / Dissertation
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